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It is a reminder to be prepared to answer for the Church's sins before God the Father, the Holy Spirit, the Church, and the Virgin Mary at the end of time. The longest version of the terse Latin hymn runs approximately, with the refrain repeating the first two words of the sequence several times. This version was published in the early 13th century in an Irish collection of hymns and meditations compiled by Thomas of Arundel and styled as Sequentiae (Latin: [ˈˈ.ei.ɔn.ts]; "successive meditations"). This part of the sequence is based on lines in the Para-Composition of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux on Psalm 115 (also known as the psalter), attributed to him by the Church. Versions of the hymn have been recorded since the Middle Ages, many of them popularizing the chant of the sequence. The earliest was recorded by a French monk named Gerard, who accompanied his translation of the psalter in the 13th century. Others are recorded in late 14th-century French, German, Italian, and English collections of hymns. During the same period, the psalter sequence was used to raise an army of several thousand soldiers who marched on occupied France. Later, it was used by French Catholics as a regular part of the rosary. The most popular rendition in English is the 15th-century English translation by Richard Rolle, the Archpriest of Hampole, which is the longest English-language version of the sequence, running. The English version was found in some non-Catholic Christian books in the 16th century and was initially believed to have been written by the English composer John Taverner. It became a regular part of Catholic devotion, and appeared in the 1630 edition of the Roman Breviary, of which Taverner was a collaborator. The hymn has also become widely used in other Christian traditions, such as the Order of Friars Minor and the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Thomas was born in the village of Auchonville, France and entered the Franciscan order at Avignon in 1313. He was the co-founder of the Observant Franciscan movement, as well as the author of a much shorter psalter-style version of the sequence in 1316. The psalter-like sequence was first recorded in the 14th-century Para




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Dies Irae Torrent
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